Pregnancy Classes and Childbirth Classes at The Birth Haven: Bradley Childbirth Classes

At The Birth Haven, we offer a wide variety of childbirth, postpartum and pregnancy classes. The Bradley Childbirth Method is a 12 week comprehensive class. This class gives  you all of the physical, mental, and emotional tools you need to have a natural birth. The class also trains your birth coach to assist and support you in your labor. We focus on healthy moms, babies, and families. We cover nutrition, exercise, comfort during pregnancy, breastfeeding, variations in labor, and much more.

Jennifer has taught Bradley birthing classes for several years. Jennifer’s first birth was a c-section and it was her second pregnancy that lead Jennifer to be more informed and take Bradley classes. She had a successful VBAC!!!! She has had 3 more successful VBACs and soon to be her fourth. Email Jennifer or call at 480-528-1318 for more information or to sign up!

Pregnancy Classes and Childbirth Classes at The Birth Haven