At the Birth Haven birth center, we have a strong group of midwives that work together as a team to provide quality care for our families. Student midwives are a part of the staff at the Birth Haven as we seek to train and prepare outstanding future midwives. At each birth at least one midwife and at least one student is present to provide care and support.

  • AlisonAlison Haasch, LM, CPM-
    Owner, Birth Center & Homebirth Midwife
  • Anne MarieDr. Anne Marie Palzer, ND, CPM-
    Clinical Director, Naturopathic Doctor, and Birth Center & Homebirth Midwife
  • Alyssa Johns, LM, CPM-
    Birth Center & Homebirth Midwife
  • SarahAtondo-
    Office Manager

  • nikkiNikki Ausdemore-
     Executive Director
  • Sarah K.Sarah Kankiewicz-
    Student Midwife
  • Evelyn Schoof-
    Student Midwife

  • Rebecca Honeycutt-
    Student Midwife

The Birth Haven Birth Center
3303 S. Lindsay Road, Suite 125
Gilbert, Arizona 85297
Phone: 480-664-7463