Amazing knowledge, care, and facilities. Wonderful place and people.

“My first intended natural birth plan ended up in a hospital with pain medication and after that, I was convinced I wasn’t strong enough to have my baby naturally. These women convinced me otherwise and were there to give me what I needed when I needed it most. My second birth, first birth with birth haven, was a successful natural birth. Thank you!”

From Beginning to end, my husband and I were treated like family.

“All of the midwives and students are excellent. They have a true passion for what they do. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to them. They have cared and supported us through the ups and downs of prenatal and postnatal care. I was able to work with Alyssa. She is such a sweetheart. She went out of her way to support my decision to breastfeed even though my milk supply was low. Thanks to Alyssa, Julian has been kept off of formula.”

The staff provided professional medical care in a warm home like atmosphere.

“When I look back at my birth experience at The Birth Haven although I had a very long hard labor I can’t imagine that I would have had a more positive experience anywhere else. I felt 100% supported and empowered. Alison was there and gave me straightforward advice and encouragement, which I respond very well to. Jenny let me know from the beginning that she would be present at my birth and she kept her word. She stuck through the long process with me and never seemed impatient, I felt like I had a friend there that knew exactly what I needed. At the end of my birth I realized that I just did the hardest physical and emotional work that I had ever done, but I never felt alone. The women that were with me throughout the entire experience are amazing and I felt stronger with their support.”

The whole staff was amazing.

“I felt they were so knowledgable and did everything they could to make my birth exactly how I wanted it. I also loved how they supported my decisions even if it wasn’t their opinion. That really means a lot!”

I always felt cared for and well informed.

“Jamie delivered our baby and she was beyond wonderful from day 1. She let me take charge of what I wanted and where I wanted to birth and just guided me along the way. It was perfect.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

“I absolutely loved everything about our birth! Sarah and Alyssa were amazing and incredibly helpful. I am glad they were able to bring my beautiful baby into the world .”